What is ISRO?- Full Form, Job Opportunities and Other Details
what is ISRO

What is ISRO?- Full Form, Job Opportunities and Other Details

India is rapidly progressing in the field of science and technology. Indian scientists are working day and night to make new innovations that can help India to reach new heights. A few decades back India used to struggle in this field and didn’t have many achievements. But there were many government organizations that continuously did the hard work. And now their hard work has started giving results. One such organization is ISRO, the full form of ISRO is the Indian Space Research Organisation. Recently we have seen many milestones that ISRO has achieved in the field of space research. So in this article, we are going to talk about ISRO only. We will discuss some of its achievements and how a normal person can get a job in ISRO.

We will try to cover all the important things in this article and make it a really informative one. Make sure to read the article till the end. So without any further delay let’s start.

What is ISRO?

ISRO is the premier space research organization in India. Indian Space Research Organisation is the full form of ISRO. It is a government organization in India that performs research and development work related to the space exploration sector. ISRO operates under the Department of Space and the chairman is considered as the head of ISRO. The chairman of ISRO also acts as the executive of the Department of Space which is directly looked after by the Prime Minister of India. In recent years ISRO has developed many technologies for India related to the space sector. And by developing such advanced technologies they have also achieved many milestones as an organization.

ISRO is known for completing some of the most complex missions with minimum resources and expenses. They have completed some big missions on such a tight budget that no other space agency can even imagine doing so. By their achievements, ISRO puts India in the club of those few countries with such an advanced space program and it is also one of 6 government organizations that have the full launch capabilities.


In the year 1962, the former Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru laid the foundation of ISRO. At that time ISRO was named as the Indian National Committee for Space Research (INCOSPAR) under the Department of Atomic Energy (DAE). This organization was established after the recommendation of scientist Vikram Sarabhai. Later in that decade, in the year 1969, the name INCOSPAR was changed to ISRO. In the year 1972, the Department of Space was established bringing the organization under it.

This organization developed India’s first satellite called Aryabhata which was launched in the year 1975 by the Soviet Union. Later on, ISRO also developed rockets named  Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) and Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle (GSLV). These rockets were used to launch various satellites into the polar and geostationary orbits respectively. They also provided a great boost to the Indian space program.

In the year 2008 ISRO launched the first moon mission of India the Chandrayaan-1. In this mission, they sent a lunar orbiter to study the moon and gather some information. One of the biggest achievements of ISRO in space is to successfully establish an orbiter in Mar’s orbit. By achieving that India became the first nation to do so in its first attempt.

Objectives of ISRO

The main aim and objective of this organization is to develop such technology in the space sector that can be used for various national needs. The organization was set up by the vision of a very known scientist Vikram Sarabhai. In the initial years of this organization, many people questioned the existence of such an organization in a developing country. Because at that time India didn’t even have enough food to feed its people. But Vikram Sarabhai was very clear with the aim of this organization.

They never looked to compete with economically advanced agencies, but they always knew that if India wants to stand in the International community then we should developing some technologies. So that we can implement those technologies to solve the problems of our people.

How to Join ISRO?

Since now we know basic things about ISRO it is the right time to discuss how to join ISRO. Because most of the people reading this article might want to join this space research institute and serve their country. Working in this institute is a matter of pride for every Indian. So people can join this institute either as an engineer or scientist. You can join ISRO after completing your 10+2 or graduation or even post-graduation as well. So in the upcoming headings, we will talk about all those exams and ways that will help you to join this agency.

Process to Join After 10+2

To join ISRO after 10+2 you should join IIST first. IIST (Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology) is an institute where students get to study subjects related to space research and technology. It is a government-aided and deemed institute.

To join this institute the student have to pass their 10+2 with the science stream (Maths and Physics as core subjects). Admissions in this institute are given on the basis of IIT JEE’s All India Rank (AIR). The students who secure a decent rank in IIT JEE can apply for IIST. The students can apply for their preferred undergraduate course in IIST. So if you are also interested in joining IIST then you can visit their official website to know more.

Process to Join After Graduation  

The students who have completed their graduation can also join ISRO. For such students, every year ISRO conducts an exam called SC. This exam is conducted for the posts of scientists and engineers. To apply for this exam the students should hold a B.Tech/BE or B.Sc. (engineering) degree with a minimum of 65% aggregation.

Student’s age should not be more than 35 years at the time of applying for this exam. The notification for this exam is released every year on the official website of ISRO. There is a written paper and interview which is conducted in this exam for the recruitment. The candidates who have completed their post-graduation can also take this exam to join ISRO.

Note:- Apart from the posts of engineers or scientists ISRO also releases recruitment for posts like technicians, junior technicians, etc. You can check the notification for that on the official website of ISRO.

Final Words

So guys this was all the important information related to ISRO. We have tried to cover all things like the history of ISRO (in short), what is ISRO and how to join it. If you like the information that we have shared here then feel free to share this article. Because this keeps us motivated to create more such content for you. Thankyou…

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