What is DRDO?- Important Details
what is drdo

What is DRDO?- Important Details

India is a developing country and we are also an emerging economic power in the world. But if any country that wants to establish themselves a strong nation must possess strong and technically advanced defence forces. And for a country like India, it is very important to have advance defence technologies. Therefore the government of India has established some institutions which constantly work in this field to develop technologies for the defence forces. One of such institutions is DRDO, it is a very important research and development organization for the Indian defence sector. They have achieved many milestones in the past and constantly working to develop more technologies for defence forces.

There are many equipments in the India defence forces that were developed by the DRDO. Not just the defence sector but some technologies by the DRDO are also deployed in the other government departments as well. So it shouldn’t be wrong to say that the DRDO is contributing a lot to the country by their research and development programs.

Therefore in this article, we are going to discuss some interesting facts regarding this organization. We will also discuss job opportunities in this organization. So make sure to read this article till the end.

What is DRDO?

The full form of DRDO is the Defence Research and Development Organization. It is a government-owned organization that works under the Department of Defence Research and Development in Ministery of Defence. DRDO has its headquarter in New Delhi in the DRDO Bhavan. This organization is a premier research and development institution in India in the field of defence technologies. DRDO was formed in the year 1958, at that time this organization was formed after merging the Technical Development Establishment and the Directorate of Technical Development and Production of the Indian Ordnance Factories with the Defence Science Organisation.

In the year 1980, a separate department of Defence Research and Development was formed to administrate the DRDO. This department was under the minister of defence of the Indian government. DRDO is provided with good infrastructure by the government of India to carry out their research and development operations. This infrastructure includes a total of 52 laboratories. And if somebody has a question in mind that why DRDO needs so many labs then DRDO works in a lot of fields. From armaments to electronics, from missiles to land combat engineering they cover everything which our defences forces need. In the 2017-18 financial year, the government of India allotted a budget of total US$2.1 billion to DRDO for their researches and other financial needs.

DRDO is also a very big employer of scientists in the country. There are nearly 5000 scientists in DRDO which belongs to Defence Research & Development Service (DRDS) and 25,000 other personnel that includes people for scientific, technical and other works.

Achievements of DRDO

From the past couples of decades, DRDO has achieved a lot of milestones in the field of defence technologies. They have made India and all the Indians proud on many occasions. Today, because of this organization India stands in the club of those few countries that have an anti-satellite system. They have many achievements other than that, so under this heading, we will have a look at some them.

1. DRDO is the very organization that developed the Prithi Missile (First Indigenous Missile of India) under the Integrated Guided Missile Development Program (IGMDP). Later, DRDO also developed other missiles such as the Agni Missile, Akash Missile, Trishul Missile, and Nag Missile under this program.

2. As we have told you earlier in this article that this organization has also developed the anti-satellite system. This system was successfully tested in the year 2019. With this system, Indian Defence forces can easily destroy a target in the lower earth orbit. India is the fourth country that has this type of capability.

3. India has developed it’s first unmanned tank Muntra. This tank was also developed by the DRDO for surveillance missions, to detected mines and other types of threats.

4. This organization has developed an Airborne Warning and Control System called NETRA for the Indian defence forces. It is a very effective technology to detect threats in the sky.

5. Recently, DRDO has also successfully tested the anti-radiation missile named RUDRAM. This missile is capable of destroying the enemy radars.

These are just a few achievements of this organization and they are many other milestones. Their technologies not only help the defence forces but sometimes those technologies are also used for the common society by the government.

How to Join DRDO?

As DRDO is a leading research and development institution there are many candidates who want to join it. Many people want to join this institution and serve their country. DRDO also offers decent salaries to its scientists and staff. All these perks make jobs in DRDO as a dream job for anyone. So here we will talk about how to join DRDO? What is the process and examinations that you have to clear? There are different recruitment process for different posts. But most of the people want to join DRDO as a scientist so we will talk about it first.

Joining Process as a Scientist

People can join this institution as a Scientist “B”. This scientist “B” is a recruitment level post for scientists in this organization. There are different grades of scientist in this organization namely Scientist “B”, Scientist “C”, Scientist “D”, Scientist “E”, Scientist “F”, Scientist “G” and Scientist “H”. For these Scientist “B” posts RAC conducts the Scientist Entry Test (SET) every year. They release the notification of the exam every year in the month of May-June or August-September. You can check the notification of this exam either on the official website of DRDO or on any other exam portal.

The candidates who have an engineering degree has to score good marks in GATE examination before applying for this exam. Apart from that DRDO also invites candidates with a good score in GATE for direct recruitment. Other than that you should always check the recruitment notification on the official website for eligibility criteria and other details.

Final Words

So this was all the information related to what is DRDO? We have tried to deliver information to you in this article. If you like this article fell free to share it with your friends.

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