What is CSIR?- Everything You Need to Know
What is CSIR

What is CSIR?- Everything You Need to Know

These days science and technology play a very important role in development. In today’s world countries with advanced indigenous technologies are considered as a world power. Developing those technology needs a good infrastructure for research and development related to science. The government of the country provides such infrastructure to some institutes. If any country wants to lead the world then it must have good research institutes. These types of organizations or institutes are mostly government-owned. By their research and development work in the field of science, they also contribute to the development of the country.

Today in this article we are also going to talk about one such organization. This organization is called CSIR (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research). It is one of the most prominent scientific research organization in India. CSIR carry out their research work in various fields. Therefore it has become one of the leading organizations in the country. In this article, we will discuss what is CSIR? We will also discuss the history and achievements of this organization.

And last but not least we will tell you how you can join CSIR. So this article is going to be very informative make sure to read it till the end.

What is CSIR?

CSIR is an autonomous organization that was established by the government of India. This autonomous body was established in the year 1942 in the month of September. It is the largest research and development organization in the country. Right from when this organization was established it has got many achievements. Through their research and development work CSIR helps various industries in the country. This way they also help in the country’s industrial growth.

CSIR does its research and development activities in fields such as structural engineering, metallurgy, petroleum, leather, etc. You name the sector and CSIR might be already doing research in it. Through their research and development work, they develop new technologies. Those technologies are used for various purposes like to help the industries, provide solutions to complex problems of people, etc. CSIR has developed many technologies that are used by various government departments in the country. But even after all these achievements, most people don’t know much about this organization.

Now if we talk about the size and infrastructure of this organization then we all know that it is the largest R&D organization in India. According to the Wikipedia page of CSIR, as of 2013, the organization has 38 laboratories/institutes, 5 units,  3 Innovation Centres, and 39 outreach centers all over the country. Apart from this massive infrastructure they also have a total staff of 14,000 personnel. These figures include 4,600 scientists and 8,000 technical and support personnel, isn’t it appropriate to call it the biggest?

Organizational Structure

As we have already told you that it is an autonomous organization. But still, it is funded by the Ministry of Science and Technology. Actually, this CSIR operates according to the Societies Registration Act, 1860 that enables them to work autonomously with government funding. The President of the organization is Prime Minister (Ex Officio) whereas its vice president is Minister of Science & Technology, India (Ex-Officio). CSIR has its headquarter in New Delhi.

Apart from that, this organization also has a governing body. The head of the governing body is called the director-general and its present director-general is Shekhar C. Mande. The term of members in the governing body is for three years. There is an advisory board for the CSIR that has a total of 15 members from various fields of science and technology. This board provides valuable inputs and advice to the governing body of the organization. Its members also have a term of three years.

Process to Get a Job at CSIR

Many people are also interested in getting a job at this prestigious organization. CSIR is a great career opportunity for any science stream student who is interested in doing research. They have good infrastructure and resources for researches. Now comes an important question of what you need to do to get a job there. To directly get a job in CSIR you will have to clear the CSIR NET exam.

This is a national level exam conducted by the National Test Agency. They conduct this exam two times a year. The candidates who manage to clear the exam can get a Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) at the CSIR. Now if we talk about the eligibility criteria then the candidate must have a degree in BE/BTech/BPharma/BS (4 years)/MBBS/Integrated BS-MS/MSc with minimum 55% marks.

This is the educational qualification criteria which can have slight changes, therefore you must always check out the official notification before applying for the exam. After clearing the CSIR NET exam candidates can also get a job as a lecturer at various institutes.

Achievements of CSIR

Since now we have discussed all the important facts related to this organization, it is the right time to look into some of its achievements. Because these achievements are some contributions of this organization to the country. Also, many people don’t even know about milestones that this organization has achieved and made the country feel proud of it.

First of all, we can’t ignore its contribution to developing the indigenous lightweight aircraft Tejas. Ya I know many of you might be thinking that this aircraft was developed by HAL in a joint venture with Aeronautical Development Agency. But there were some crucial parts of this aircraft with were supplied by the CSIR.

Apart from contributing to the defense sector, CSIR has also developed technologies in other sectors as well. Like in the energy sector they have recently developed the world’s largest solar tree. This tree is established in Durgapur, West Bengal. They are also working in the agriculture sector and developing new high yielding variants of crops.

This is the very organization that designed India’s first parallel processing computer named Flysolver. Flysolver is an indeginous supercomputer. These are only a few of the many achievements of this organization.

Final Words

So this was an informative article on India’s one of the most prestigious research and development organization. If you like this article feel free to share it with your friends.

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