Everything You Need to Know About NCERT
What is NCERT

Everything You Need to Know About NCERT

When it comes to shaping a society then education plays a very important role in it. Education is one of those few factors that make human beings different from all other creatures on earth. An education method taught with a scientific approach can lift the intelligence of people. So it becomes very important to educate the people of the country in the right manner in schools. In a developing country like India, it is of utmost importance to make students study such material that can help them to become better a human so that they can take the nation forward.

So to do that a country needs a central organization that looks after it. Therefore in this article, we are going to talk about an organization called NCERT. This is an autonomous organization in India that works to improve school education in the country. Most of the students who study in CBSE board schools are familiar with this organization. Because most of the books that students study in those schools are developed by NCERT only. It is a very important organization related to school education in India. That is why in this article we are going to discuss things like its objective, history, and much more.

Make sure to read the article till the end as there is very much to know about this organization. This article is going to be very informative so let’s start.

What is NCERT?- Overview

The full form of NCERT is the National Council of Educational Research and Training. It is an autonomous organization that works under the government of India. This organization is mainly known for developing and publishing books. Many educational boards such as CBSE and many state boards also issue these books to their students. Students preparing for various competitive exams such as IIT, NEET, UPSC, etc also prefer to study NCERT books.

Their books provide the best and in-depth knowledge on the respective topic or subject. Anybody who studies NCERT books can learn the basics of any topic and then go to the advanced level. If we take the example of UPSC then most of the UPSC aspirants go through these NCERT books.

The reason why aspirants trust NCERT books is that the information given in the books is authentic. They are developed through thorough research and analysis. These books are always drafted by experts and government officials which makes them worth reading. Therefore although they develop this study material for the students studying in schools but it helps the students in various higher-level exams as well.

History of NCERT

The foundation of NCERT was led in the year 1961. In this year on 27 July, the Ministry of Education resolved to lay the foundation of NCERT and the organization was operational by 1 September 1961. Actually, at that time there were different bodies that used to look after matters related to education. These different bodies used to work on things such as Audio-Visual Education, Textbook Research, Secondary Education, etc. But by that time the leadership of India understood that there should be a common education system.

That’s why they merged around 9 different bodies at that time to form NCERT. The purpose of this organization is to establish a common education system, develop and publish NCERT textbooks. With the changing times, NCERT updates their study material so that they can provide the best possible knowledge to the students.

NCERT also formed the National Science Talent Search Scheme (NTSS) in the year 1963 which was later renamed as National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) in the year 1976. This exam is held every year for the students in class 10th. This exam aims to find talented students and support them by giving scholarships. Previously this exam was held for the students studying in classes 10th, 11th, and 12th.

Objectives of NCERT

Following are the objectives of establishing NCERT:-

  1. This organization is responsible to collaborate with the State, National, and International Organizations to develop an education curriculum.
  2. NCERT is also responsible for the training of in-service and pre-service teachers.
  3. It is to aid, coordinate, and promote research in the field of school education and innovative ideas.
  4. NCERT develops the National Curriculum Framework the syllabi, textbooks, and other learning-teaching material for school-level education.
  5. The government also seeks assistance from the organization on matters related to education.

What is NCERT Exemplar?

So NCERT exemplar can be understood as the practice-books. These books contain such questions that helps the students to strengthen basic concepts that they learn in the class. Exemplars are mainly used by the JEE aspirants as it is best suitable for their preparation. These books provide the students with questions of higher levels and a higher aptitude is needed to solve those questions. These MCQs are basically to develop their skills and knowledge of the concept.

A student who practices these exemplars can get in-depth knowledge. The exemplars are written by experts after research therefore students always prefer to go through them. This way they can get more credible information. Exemplars present the concepts in an easy language so that the students don’t waste their time reading other books.

Just like any other NCERT books, exemplars are not only for the JEE but aspirants can use them for many other competitive exams as well. Many times even the question in CBSE board exams also require to in-depth knowledge of the concepts. So it is better to study the exemplar.

Final Words

NCERT is playing a very important role in the school education system in India. The study material they publish is really of very high quality. They only publish well-researched and analyzed material so that students don’t have to waste their time reading other books. Looking at the need of time NCERT has also started publishing multimedia digital material so that students can learn in a better way.

So this was all for this article on this organization. We have tried to summarise a lot of knowledge in a few words in the form of this article. If you like the work we do on this website then feel free to share this article.

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