How to Become a Management Consultant?
how to become a management consultant

How to Become a Management Consultant?

Consultancy is such a profession that most people want to pursue. You can look in any field from healthcare to IT, everywhere consultants are the people making the most of that industry. Therefore many people at some point in their career have plans to become a consultancy. If we are talking about a consultancy career then how we can forget management consultants. After all management consultants can be a very important part of running an organization. In the field of management, consultancy is considered the most profitable and in-demand career.

There are management consultants in every field such as IT, healthcare, finance, etc. A management consultant work to improve the efficiency of the organization by analyzing its operations. So here in this article, we are going to talk about this profession only. In this article, we will discuss the process of how to become a Management Consultant, job profile, and other things. So if you are also planning to pursue this career then you can read the article till the end.

Management Consultant Job Description 

If somebody is given to write the job description of a management consultant then two words “analyzing” and “growth” can be the dominating ones in it. Because the work of a management consultant includes the analysis of the operations of a company to improve its business performance. They help organizations in solving the problems related to management and improve their efficiency. To do this they plan and suggest various strategies to the companies. This helps the companies to execute their operations for desired outcomes that make the most profit for them.

As a consultant, sometimes they also have to interact with the clients to understand the business problems of the organization. This way they can plan better strategies for the organizations. There are various types of consultants and consultancy firms working in various industries. Some consultancy firms are specialized in specific industries. There are various big consultancy firms that cover a variety of industries in their management consultancy portfolio whereas some small consultancy firms are specialized in a particular industry only.

There are various perks and benefits of becoming a management consultant. Because this is a unique profession that provides you a lot of flexibility as you can either work in a firm or you can also work as an independent consultant. Although it is very clear that with all these perks it is not easy to succeed in this industry.


If we talk about salary then a fresher in this field can get an average salary of Rs. 6, oo,000 per annum. And as your experience grows then you can expect a much higher salary. Apart from the salary, a highly experienced management consultant get various other perks as well such as travel allowance, car, etc from the company. Therefore looking at all these perks it is a career that you can surely go for.

Skills Required 

Following are some skills that a management consultant must possess to become successful in this field.

  • Analytical Skills
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Good Problem Solving Skills
  • Ability to Work Under Pressure
  • Team Work Ability

How to Become a Management Consultant?

To become a management consultant in India you can follow the below-mentioned steps. We will discuss the whole process in a stepwise manner:-

Step 1- Complete Your School

To become a consultant the first step can be completing your school. After passing the 10th exam you can either take the science or commerce stream. With the commerce stream, you can take maths as an additional subject. Try to become fluent in English as it can help you in your career. Subjects such as economics, mathematics will help you to strengthen your basic knowledge.

Step 2- Graduation

Now as you pass your 12th standard exam with any of the above-mentioned streams you have to take admission in some undergraduate degree program. Although there is no specific undergraduate degree to become a management consultant. But it will be better to go with something related to finance, marketing, economics, etc. Having knowledge in these subjects is very crucial because as a management consultant most of your work will revolve around them only. If you still can decide on any course then you can go for an undergraduate degree in management.

Step 3- Post Graduation

After completing your graduation you can go for post-graduation. Most employers prefer candidates with an MBA degree. Therefore it is better to pursue an MBA degree if you are looking for good placement. After doing a post-graduation in MBA your chances of getting hired increase. Try to pursue this post-graduation degree from a good and reputed university as top employers want people from good universities only.

Step 4- Getting Some Work Experience

Apart from the degrees and certificates your work experience plays a very important role in this field. To get your dream job as a management consultant it is always advised to get some experience for 2-5 years in the field. As a fresher, you can start with a role as a project manager or other management work. This will help you to get used to with work environment and industry. After getting experience in the industry you can apply for vacancies in the management consultancy field. In this field, you can start with junior level and rise to the top-level management in the company. In the initial years of your career try to more responsibilities as they will play a very crucial role in improving your knowledge.

Final Words

Making to your path in this industry is not like walking on a cake. As you will enter this field you will a lot of big players. So you should have to make up your mind for doing smart work from the very beginning. Because that’s the only way you can get success. Apart from constantly acquiring knowledge also focus on doing networking and making good connections with the people in the industry. This networking and connections will surely help you to achieve new heights in your career.

So friends this was all for this article. We hope that now have a clear image of how you can start your career as a management consultant. If you like this article then feel free to share it with your friends.

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