A Complete Guide to Become an Air Hostess
how to become an air hostess

A Complete Guide to Become an Air Hostess

Imagine a job where you get to travel to different places while doing your work. The salary is lucrative and apart from the salary, there are several other perks as well. So who doesn’t want to pursue that kind of career? Many people even think that there is no such job profile but actually there is such a job that comes with all those perks. That job is of an air hostess, to get a job as air hostess is a dream for many people. This is a work that can fulfill many dreams of a youngster.

So if you are also passionate about serving your customers and want to travel to different places then this job can be a perfect fit for you. In this article, we will discuss everything about how to become an air hostess? We will also discuss its eligibility criteria, career options, salary, work, and many other things. If you are interested in this field then you can read this whole article.

About Air Hostess Job Profile

Many times air hostesses are also referred to as flight attendants or cabin crews or stewards. But the word Air Hostess is used for female flight attendants only. There are lots of work that an Air Hostess or flight attendant has to do on an airplane. An Air Hostess has to board the flight before its passengers and stay there after their passengers leave. They have to do many arrangements on the flight for their passengers.

Although people mostly look at the bright side of the picture only. There many things in this job profile that many people may find really hard to get through. Sometimes it can be really challenging for an air hostess to manage things. Because they have to look after the safety and security of every passenger. They have to make the flight comfortable for them. If there is any medical emergency that emerges on the flight then they are also trained to deal with it. Therefore if one wants to summarise this job profile in one then it will be “Allrounder” for sure.

If you have read the above paragraph carefully then you must have understood one thing that it is not a cakewalk. But remember one thing that every job profile has some pros and cons. You have to face challenges everywhere so as in this job. There are very vast employment opportunities in this field. They have job opportunities in sectors such as commercial airlines, Chartered Airlines, Military Airlines, Corporate airlines, etc. Since aviation is a growing sector in India so job-related to this field will also increase.

How to Become an Air Hostess?

The foremost thing that you need to become an Air Hostess is the right personality and attitude. If you have these two things then you can move on to other steps and apply for the job. So first of all we will discuss the eligibility criteria to become an Air Hostess then we will move on to other steps. Remember one thing that there is no such course that is mandatory to do to apply for an air hostess job.

There are different private institutes that provide training to the aspirants to polish their skills. And the eligibility criteria is also set by these institutes only on the basis of their policies. So whatever the eligibility criteria we are mentioning here is on the basis of different institutes’ policies.

Eligibility Criteria

1. Age 

The candidate should be between the age of 18 to 26 years. This age limit depends on the policy of the institute that you choose.

2. Education

Talking about the educational criteria then the candidate should have passed her 12th or equivalent examination with a minimum aggregate of 45-50%. Some institutes might also ask the candidates for a UG degree. Although people can also apply for an air hostess job just after the 12th but many companies preferr candidates with a graduate degree or diploma.

The candidate should be fluent in languages such as Hindi and English. Companies also prefer candidates who know languages like French, Spanish, etc.

3. Physical Requirments

The height of the candidate should be at least 157.5 centimeters. The weight of the candidate should be proportional to her height because they also calculate the Body Mass Index. Apart from the candidates with good physique are also preferred by the companies.

Their eye should be normal with 6/6 or 6/24 ( Both Eyes). The candidate should have fair to clear complexion.

4. Marital Status

Again, this totally depends on the institute’s policy whether they take married girls or not. But most of the time unmarried candidates are preferred by the companies.


The process of becoming an air hostess is very simple. Read all the below mentioned steps to get a better idea of the whole process.

1. Do Some Training

If the candidate meets the above-mentioned eligibility criteria then she can proceed with further steps. After passing the 12th exam she has to take admission to an institute that provides training/diploma/degree related to this field. These institutes will help the candidate to polish her skill and become the best candidate for the job. They will train the candidate according to the need of the industry. Complete your course at these institutes and once the candidate has complete the course then she can apply for the air hostess job.

2. Apply for the job

After completing the course the candidate can start applying for the job. Some good institutes also offer placements to the candidates. Airlines release vacancies from time to time so the candidates can apply for them. Then the airline shortlists the candidates. The shortlisted candidates then have to give a written test, appear in a group discussion and personal interview. After clearing all the three steps the candidates are then recruited as a trainee in the airline.

Following are Some Institutes that Provide Training 

  • Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training
  • Air hostess Academy (AHA)
  • Kingfisher Training Academy
  • Rajiv Gandhi Memorial College of Aeronautics
  • Universal Aviation Academy
  • Jet Airways Training Academy
  • Bombay Flying Club College of Aviation

Final Words 

So, friends, this was all the important information on how to become an air hostess. In this article, we have tried to cover all the important points that a candidate should know. If you find this article informative then feel free to share it with your friends.

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