How to Become a Commercial Pilot in India?- Complete Guide
How to Become a Commercial Pilot in India

How to Become a Commercial Pilot in India?- Complete Guide

The increasing trend of globalization and technology is creating new job opportunities in the world. These job opportunities are very different from the traditional ones which are there in society for a long time. Such job profiles offer a good salary with lots of other perks. Here in this article, we are going to talk about one such profession named “Commercial Pilot”. The opportunities that we see today in this profession are truly a gift of globalization and aviation technology. Because if we look back a few decades then this profession of a pilot was not much rewarding.

But now since the global connectivity and aviation infrastructure are improving so opportunities are also improving. As a result of the boom in the aviation sector, many people also want to get into this industry. And to become a commercial pilot can be the best way to step in here. Therefore in this article, we will discuss the step-by-step process of becoming a commercial pilot in India. Apart from the process, we will also tell you about the skills, certificates, and expenses that you will need to make in this process.

Commercial Pilot- Job Description

The commercial pilot can be a perfect job for people who are looking for a career with a good salary and lots of other perks. A commercial pilot is a person who flies airplanes and helicopters for commercial airlines and other businesses. When it comes to becoming a commercial pilot than most of the people just think about flying airplanes but a helicopter pilot can also be a good choice.

A commercial pilot has different fields of work such as some commercial pilots perform the operation of transporting passengers whereas some transport the cargo. Apart from that, some commercial pilots are also hired by the companies for the test flight of aircraft. Since it is a very lucrative job profile therefore it has become very hard to become a commercial pilot. To become a pilot one should be good in academics. Apart from academic knowledge, a person should also have enough resources to pay expensive tuition fees. Because in India you can easily end up spending up to 50 Lac Rupees for a commercial pilot license.

Types Of Pilot License in India

Anybody who wants to become a pilot in India must know about the types of pilot licenses issued here. There are mainly three types of pilot licenses issued in India, the first is Student Pilot License, the second is PPL (Private Pilot License), and the second is CPL (Commercial Pilot License). To fly as a commercial pilot for an Airline a Commercial Pilot License is a must. To get a CPL firstly the candidate has to clear the process for a Private Pilot License then they can proceed for a Commercial Pilot License.

These licenses have their own purpose. Like with Private Pilot License (PPL) pilots can only fly a privately held aircraft and pilots with such license can’t charge anything for their services. Whereas with a Commercial Pilot License pilot can fly for commercial airlines and also they can charge for their services.

Eligibility Criteria 

  1. To become a commercial pilot the candidate should have passed 10+2 with PCM ( Physics, Chemistry, Maths ). The minimum mark of aggregation is 55% or equivalent.
  2. To get a Student Pilot License the minimum age is 16 years. Whereas to a Private Pilot License, the minimum age is 17 years and for the Commercial Pilot License, that age is 18 years.
  3. You should be physically fit according to the guidelines.

Step Wise Process to Become a Commercial Pilot in India

Many people search for the process to become a commercial pilot in India. But many times they can’t get a stepwise answer to do so. Therefore we are dividing the whole process into a few steps, so it will be easy for you to understand it and not get confused.

Step 1- Get Admission to Flying School

The first step after 12th to become a commercial pilot is getting admission to flying school. For this admission, some flying schools conduct entrance exams. So you have to decide first which school you want to go to and then check if they conduct an entrance exam or not.

But most of the students in India appear for the IGRUA (Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Akademi) entrance exam. There will mainly three-stages in the entrance examination namely written examination, pilot aptitude test, and then personal interview. After passing all three stages you will finally get admission into the flying school.

Step 2- Getting Your Licenses

As we have discussed earlier in this article that there are mainly three types of pilot licenses in India. So the process of getting those licenses start after you enroll in the flying school. Firstly the candidate has to clear the process of getting their Student Pilot License. The minimum age to get this license is 16 years. For this license, the candidate has to clear an exam which consists of an Oral test which is taken by the Chief Instructor at the School, or the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) representative.

After getting the student pilot license the candidate can then practice and acquire some flying hour experience. This flying hour experience is very important because to get a private pilot license the candidate should have at least 40 hours of flying experience. Out of this experience, there should be  20 hours of solo flying. Apart from this the candidate should have also passed in subjects such as  Air Regulation, Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology and Aircraft & Engines (General & Specific).

After getting the PPL the person can then go for the commercial pilot license. For that, the candidate has to pass a written examination conducted by DGCA and they have to pass the subjects such as Air Regulation, Air Navigation, Aviation Meteorology, Aircraft & Engines (General & Specific), and Radio Telephone (Oral & Practical). The candidate should also have a minimum of 200 hours of flying experience within a period of 5 years. The candidate should have to present a medical certificate for this license.

Final Words 

Getting a commercial pilot license is not an easy thing to do. You should be academically strong for it. The process of getting a CPL is quite long as well. So before starting it you should be mentally prepared. I think after reading through this article now you have a clear image. If you like this article feel free to share it with your friends.

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