A Complete Guide to Become a Business Analyst in India

A Complete Guide to Become a Business Analyst in India

With constantly evolving times and business environment, the organization also needs to evolve. Most of the traditional methods may become absolute and of no use in some time. Corporates need such a person in their management who can guide them in this constantly evolving world. Such a person has to act as a bridge between different departments for the development of the corporation. And therefore the organizations hire people as business analysts to do that work for them.

Many people in India are also interested in this job profile. There are many questions such as how to become a business analyst, what a business analyst does, and much more. This can be a great job profile for anybody who wants to pursue a career in the management field. A deserving person in this job can easily get a handsome salary apart from that they get to work as the top management in the corporate.

So in this article, we are going to talk about this career option. We will try to discuss all the important points related to it. So make sure to read the article till the end.

What is a Business Analyst?- Job Profile

Before we discuss the process of becoming a business analyst we should discuss what is a business analyst and what they do. So a business analyst is a person who collects different types of data related to the company or product. After collecting the data he/she analyzes that data and stimulates all the possible scenarios. This way, through studying data and analyzing things he/she provides valuable advice on how the organization can improve its efficiency, operations, and revenue as well.

Apart from that a business analyst also acts as a bridge between different departments of a corporation. To understand this let’s take an example, suppose that a person is a business analyst in an IT company. So this person will have to coordinate with the business department as well as the IT department of that company as a part of his/her work.

Now when we talk about the skills then these days business analysts acquire a lot of skills. These skills may also include technical skills related to the industry in which they want to work. Because as we all know that there are analysts in every industry like IT, medical, etc. So to provide to acquire a better position in the company a business analysts have to have decent knowledge.

How to Become a Business Analyst in India?

Till now you must have got the idea regarding the role of a business analyst. Therefore it is time to discuss the question of how to become a business analyst in India? So under this heading, we will try to answer this question in a step-by-step manner. Remember one thing that to become a business analyst no particular path is right and no particular path is wrong. People from a technical background such as IT mostly switch their careers into this field.

Step 1- Complete Your Graduation 

The first towards becoming a business analyst is doing your graduation. Now comes a question of which graduation degree is best to pursue a career as a business analyst? So the answer to this question is simple, you can pursue a UG degree in any business course. But since most of the companies prefer a person with some technical background so a B.Tech degree is always highly recommended. A business analyst with technical knowledge will be able to coordinate between different departments in the organization in an efficient manner. Technical knowledge also helps the person to use different tools that are needed to analyze the data.

Step 2- Post Graduation & Certificate

After completing the graduation the next step in the process is post-graduation. Post-graduation can decide the growth in your career. So it is very crucial to know what companies are looking for in a post-graduate candidate. The best PG degree to pursue is undoubtedly an MBA degree. A post-graduate degree in MBA can help you in getting your desired post as a business analyst. Try to pursue this degree from good institutes such as IIMs, Xavier School of Management, etc. Many reputed institutes offer postgraduate courses such as MBA in Business Analyst, PGP in Business Analytics, etc.

Although there is an option to do a certificate in business analyst directly after completing an undergraduate degree. But it will not do something that an MBA degree can do to your resume. Apart from that most of the companies also prefer a candidate with an MBA degree.

Still, if you are comfortable doing a certificate in business analytics after pursuing your UG degree then there are lots of options available out there. Many people first complete their UG degree in some technical field and then continue to pursue a certificate. Pursuing a certificate is a less time-consuming process rather than pursuing an MBA because it takes 6-12 months to pursue a certificate in business analytics. Therefore many people also prefer doing a certificate over a PG degree.


If we talk about salary then the average salary of a business analyst in India ranges between 8-10 Lakh rupees per annum. As a fresher, the minimum payout which you can expect is 6 Lakh rupees per annum. Experience matters a lot in this job, therefore the payout increase with the experience. An experienced business analyst in India can easily take a salary of rupees 10+ Lakh rupees per annum.

Final Words

As the Indian economy seems to perform well in the upcoming decade the scope in this job profile is quite good. For better growth in the career, a person should have decent academic knowledge with other skills to offer to the company. Many people might also think that it is very long to process but if you spend your time at good institutes acquiring knowledge then it is totally worth it.

So that was all for this article, we have tried to provide all the important information in very few and simple words. If you like this article then feel free to share it with your friends.

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