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11 Best Courses After 12th Commerce

Courses After 12th Commerce- Choosing the right course for yourself after 12th is very important. Because that course will give a shape to your future plans. The courses that we do in our colleges also becomes important because many times they provide us skills that we use in our life to make it better. If you can choose the right course then it can be said as your first step towards success. Although success is not just about what we study but also about our passion.

If you choose a course just by looking at the salary packages then you may face some problems with it in the future. Anyways if you have also passed your 12th board exams recently but can’t decide what to do next then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss some of the best courses after 12th for commerce students that they can choose to study. I am sure this article will give a direction to your efforts in selecting a course after 12th in commerce stream. But before we start this article let me tell you about its structure. We are dividing this article into different sections.

In this first section, we will discuss courses after 12th commerce without maths and in the later part, we will discuss courses after 12th commerce with maths. This will allow people to understand the article better way. And at the end of this article, there will be the most important section named as professional courses after 12th commerce.

Best Courses After 12th Commerce without Maths

Many students in their 10+2 choose commerce without math. So under this heading, we are going to look at some of the best courses after 12th that students in commerce without maths can do. These courses are very good and many of them are highly job oriented.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)
  • Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.)
  • Bachelor in Law
  • Bachelor of Management Studies
  • BA in Travel and Tourism
  • Bachelor of Travel and Hospitality Management
  • Bachelor of Event Management
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Catering Technology
  • Bachelor of Food and Beverages Production
  • BA in Hotel Management
  • BBA in Hotel Management

Best Courses After 12th Commerce with Maths

Students also choose commerce with maths in their 10+2 because they have an interest in both subjects. But many students in the absence of proper direction can’t choose a course after 12th. Therefore we are giving a list of all the courses that you can do after 12th.

  • B.Com Statistics
  • B.Com in Accounting
  • B.Com Applied Economics
  • B.Com Banking & Finance
  • B.Com in Management Accounting & International Finance
course after 12th commerce
course after 12th commerce

Professional Courses After 12th Commerce

So as you know we have already discussed what are the courses that you can do in commerce stream with and without maths. But still, some students will be confused among these courses that which are the most job-oriented courses. And this confusion is very obvious because most of the people choose the wrong courses and therefore they don’t get the jobs that they want. In the commerce stream, there are many courses that make you highly eligible for many jobs and gives you good exposure as well.

Commerce is a highly employable stream in the present situation because people want more and people to manage their accounts and taxation work. Apart from taxation and accounting, there are many other streams as well that a commerce stream student can explore. Under this heading, we will discuss some of the best professional courses after 12th that a commerce student can do.

1. B.Com

B.Com (Bachelor of Commerce) is one of the most popular courses in commerce stream. Many students from the commerce stream pursue B.Com after they successfully pass their 12th exams. B.Com is a three-year undergraduate course and it is offered by many colleges in India. You can pursue a B.Com degree from both regular and distance learning programs. After completing the B.Com degree candidates have a lot of options to do in the future. This course can be an ideal choice for students who want to make their career in fields like accounting, business management, and corporate taxation field.

In B.Com’s degree, some popular courses are B.Com General, B.Com Honours, and B.Com LLB. Students can choose any course which they like the most. But keep in mind that the B.Com LLB is an integrated Law course with B.Com. Whereas B.Com General and B.Com Honours are simple UG courses after 12th in commerce stream. In this UG course, you get to study subjects like corporate tax, accounting, economics, company laws, etc.

Although if you take honest advice then doing just B.Com is not enough. After doing B.Com you should complete your postgraduate degree as well. And if you don’t want to do post-graduation then you should pursue B.Com with integrating courses like B.Com LLB, B.Com+CMA, etc. This will make you a better employable person. Otherwise, if you are just pursuing a normal B.Com degree then you can also prepare for government exams. But after doing a good B.Com degree you can have a job of somewhere between 2.5-3 lakh per annum.

2. BCA (IT and Software)

The students from the commerce stream who have an interest in IT and software can do BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications). Yes, I know many people think that only science stream students can pursue BCA. But it is not true students from commerce streams can pursue BCA as well. It is a three-year undergraduate course in India. This course can be pursued full and part-time as well. Most of the students pursue it full-time only. This course is also good for those students who want to make their career in the IT and computer application field.

After completing this course you become eligible for jobs in many industries. Most of the BCA graduates are employed in the IT industry only. But industries like banking and education also offer good opportunities for BCA graduates. A BCA graduate student from any good university with a good academic record can secure a package of somewhere between 3L-5L per annum. Many students also go for the postgraduate courses after completing the BCA course.

When it comes to admission in universities then may universities take admission on the basis of merit and many conducts their own entrance exams.

3. Chartered Accountancy (CA)

If you are a commerce student then you must have heard about Chartered Accountancy (CA). In this list of best courses after 12 commerce, CA can be said as a dream profession for many commerce students. Chartered Accountancy is itself a certificate which has to be obtained in order to provide the services of a certified chartered accountant. If candidates clear all the tests and acquire their CA certificate then they can provide their services in the accounting and taxation related fields. A certified CA looks to provide services like maintaining investment records, filing income tax returns, preparing financial documents, etc.

For getting a certificate for CA the candidate has to clear different levels of tests. If you have done your graduation then you can apply for Direct Entry. And if you have just passed your 12th board exams then you can have to do a foundation course first.

After that, there are mainly three examinations namely Common Proficiency Test (CPT), Intermediate (Integrated Professional Competence) Examination and Final Examination. All these examinations are conducted by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI). ICAI is like a regulatory body for the profession of chartered accountancy in India. To become a CA the skills that you should have are Commercial Awareness and Analytical skills. Although the exams for CA are considered as some of the toughest exams in India. So you should have a firm determination and a never give up attitude while preparing for CA exams. But the ones who successfully qualify the CA exams they can get an average starting package of 6-7 lakh rupees per annum in the starting.

4. Bachelor of Journalism And Mass Communication (B.J.M.C)

These days many students from commerce stream are also enrolling in the B.J.M.C course. The Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication (B.J.M.C) is a three years undergraduate course. This course is to teach the students in the field of journalism and mass communication. In the present scenario, journalism is changing, and becoming a more profitable business. The news channels and websites are getting more advertisers who pay them a good amount of money. So the earning potential for journalists is also increasing. The students after completing their B.J.M.C course can work for newspapers, television, radio, and many other platforms of mass communication.

The employer in the B.J.M.C field looks for skills like research ability, written and vocal skills, networking skills in the candidates. So if you also like to read and write a lot and you are good at it then this field is surely for you. There are many institutions in the country that offer this course and they charge between 20,000 – 5L rupees for the whole course.

Now let’s talk about the average salary package for the BJMC degree holder. The average salary which is offered to the BJMC graduates is somewhere between 3L-5L rupees per annum. This payout will increase as the candidates add new skills to their portfolio and become more experienced in their field.

5. Company Secretary (CS)

Company Secretary (CS) course is also highly employable course in India. The candidates who successfully complete this course are certified to be appointed as company secretary. The company secretary advises the company on various legal issues. This person is also responsible to look after the time to time tax returns of the company. The company secretary also advises the board of directors on legal matters and ensures that the company is running as per the legal regulations.

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) is the only regulating body for CS in India. This institute regulates CS professionals in India. This institute also provides training to CS aspirants and also imparts their exams. There are three levels of exams that candidates have to clear in order to become certified CS professionals and these levels are the Foundation Programme, Executive Programme, and Professional Programme.

If you have completed your graduation then you can apply directly for the Executive Programme. And if you have just completed your 12th board then you can start with applying for the Foundation Programme only. The fee for the total course from the Foundation Programme to Professional Programme will be somewhere around Rs. 45,000. And the average salary offered in the starting is 3L-5L rupees per annum. This salary package will increase with time as the candidate becomes more experienced in this field.

6. C.M.A.

C.M.A is the short form for Cost Management Accounting. It is a certificate course in India for the students who want to make their career in accounting management. This course has gained very much popularity in recent times. More students want to get a certificate in the C.M.A. In this course, students get to study financial reporting and analysis. C.M.A. teaches you Financial Accounting, Cost Management, Planning and Budgeting, Investment Decision, and much more. These skills are very important in these days to run a company.

In India, there are three levels of exams conducted for the C.M.A. These exams are regulated by the Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) in India. Levels of exams are namely CMA Foundation Level, CMA Intermediate Level, and CMA Final Level. In order to complete your C.M.A course successfully, you have to clear all three exams as per the regulations, you can’t skip any of them.

The total fee that you have pay for the C.M.A course is Rs. 41,000. And after you complete the whole course the average salary package can be 5L-6L rupees. So yes this course is a good opportunity for those who like the cost management field and want to make their career in it.

7. Event Management Course

These days people have started pouring more money into organizing events. But they don’t want to look after all the things in the event. For this, they like to hire event managers who manage the event for them. Event management is a very flourishing field. The field has become more popular in the recent 5-7 years and more students have started pursuing event management as a career. The students who like to deliver creative and innovative work and like to deal with the challenges can definitely pursue event management as a career. The employers in this field look for skills like Logical thinking, good vocational skills in languages, Creativity, and Confidence in a candidate.

In Event Management there are different courses but you can do BBA (Event Management). This course is offered by many universities in India. BBA (Event Management) is a three-year undergraduate course. To take admission in BBA (Event Management) you should complete your 10+2 from any recognized board with a minimum of 45% marks. After completing this UG course many students also go for the post-graduation courses.

The average fee that you have to spend on this course is 1,30,000 INR per year which is a quite decent amount. Whereas the average salary which is offered after completing this course from a good institution is between 3L-5L INR per annum in starting. The salary package might differ from institution to institution as well.


Hotel Management is also a very highly employable field for commerce students. Getting a good job in hotel management profile is a dream for many students in the commerce stream. Therefore we have kept the Hotel Management course in the list of best course after 12th commerce stream. There are many courses in the Hotel Management Field that you can pursue some of them are namely Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM), BA in Hotel Management, BBA in Hotel Management, etc. All these courses are 3 years of undergraduate courses.

There are different things that you get to study in this course like Food & Beverage Service, office operations and hospitality, etc. After completing this course there are many options open for you. You can work in different industries like Airlines, Cruise Ship Management, Restaurant Management, and many others. As you can see there are various industries other than Hotel that requires Hotel Management graduates. The students who possess qualities to manage the critical issues and handle them patiently are perfect to go for this profession.

The average fees that you might have to spend on Hotel Management Courses stand between 3L-10L INR per annum. Many colleges can charge you more than this amount. After this course, the average salary which is offered is 3L-4L per annum.

9. BMS

Bachelor of Management Studies (B.M.S) is a three-year undergraduate course. Again it is a great course for those who want to make their career in the management field. This course teaches students to deal with different aspects of business management. In the duration of three years of this course, you get to study subjects like Foundation of Human Skills, Business Law, Business Mathematics, Marketing Management, Operational Research, and much more. There are different career options that you can explore after pursuing a BMS degree. Or you can also go for post-graduation courses to further growth in your career.

After this course, you can get a job as an HR manager in a company, Financial Analyst, and many other posts. The students who are good at management skills, verbal skills, and analytics skills can definitely go for this course. And with this course, you should also get some practical experience to crack a better job opportunity. The skills that an employer in this field expects are management and verbal skills to handle the situations.

When we talk about the fees you have to spend somewhere between 8000-2 Lakh per annum in a decent college. The admissions in this course are conducted through exams like UGAT and many institutes also allow direct admissions. Now let’s have a look at the salary pattern in this field so after completing your BMS degree from a reputed college you can get an average salary between 3L-5L INR per annum.

10. Bachelor of Arts (Fine/Visual/Performing)

If you are a person who is passionate about arts (Fine/Visual/Performing) then this course is for you. Art is the best way to express yourself and to connect with different people. Even if you don’t know somebody’s language then also you can connect with them through the arts. You might experience some form of art in your daily life. That art can be painting, music, sculpture, and much more. But have you ever thought about the people behind that art? It is an artist who does this work. This field is not about courses or jobs but it is more about passion. If you have some form of art in you and you are passionate about it then BA is the best way to kick start it.

If you have designing skills, Artistic ability, Creative ability, and Hand drawing skills then you are a fit for this course. There are a lot of colleges in the country that provides you the quality guidance and training with your form of art. There are different subjects in the different BA courses like if you take fine arts then you will be studying History of Indian Art, Indian Aesthetics, Mold Making, and Casting, etc. And if you take Visual Arts then you will be studying subjects like Creative Writing, Architectural Drawing, Interior Services, and the list goes on.

After completing your BA degree there are jobs like VFX artist, teachers, illustrator, etc. that you can do. The average fees for BA courses in India are between 30,000-3L INR for the full course. In government colleges, these fees are much less whereas in private colleges it is much higher. But the salary in BA depends upon your course and skills only.

11. BA in Humanities & Social Sciences

This is the last course on this list of courses after 12th commerce. Humanities and Social Science is a very important part of human civilization. The students in this course are taught about the different history of arts and social structure and how they all shaped our present society. Humanities and social science are one of the oldest academic disciplines in the university. To understand human civilization in a better way this subject plays a very important role. There are different courses available under this discipline like BA in Political Science, BA English, BA History, BA Geography, etc.

There is a common misconception in society regarding Humanities and Social Science. People think the students who are weak in academics take Humanities and Social Science and there are no jobs under for this discipline. But this is absolutely wrong there are many jobs under these courses if you take the right knowledge. You can get a job as a Geologist, Editor, Teacher, Archeologist, etc after doing this course.  Many government sector job opportunities are also open to you after this course.

The fees that you pay for this course is somewhere between 20,000-3Lakh INR for the full course. This fee is very less in some government institutions and much higher in private institutions.


So these are some of the best course after 12th in commerce stream. All these courses are highly professional and job oriented. You can choose any of them to make your career. But always keep a few things in mind before choosing any course. Do proper research before enrolling in any course and do self-assessment. And always remember that every field requires hard work and dedication to become successful.



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