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Best Computer Courses List For | Job Oriented Courses

These days the world is changing very rapidly. There are many things that have become obsolete. These things used to work a few years back but now they are completely useless. To make most of these things useless there is a big contribution of technology to it. Technology is playing a very important role these days in effecting living humans. With these changing dynamics, technology is also bringing many opportunities for us. So to leverage those opportunities you should master some skills in it. Therefore today we are going to talk about some of the best computer courses that you can do to acquire trending skills in tech. We will tell you about the salary, the scope, and how you can join the course.

All these courses are highly job oriented, but many people are also running their own businesses after doing these courses. You can choose any option according to your interest. You can pursue some of these computer courses after 12th standard but many courses don’t require you to have that qualification either.

These computer courses include all the trending skills that an employer these days is looking for. After doing these courses you can expect a good payout. But before jumping on the list directly let’s have some talk about the IT and software industry in India. Because most courses on this list are from this industry only. This assessment of the IT industry in India will give you a clear picture of the potential of these courses.

Opportunities in IT and Software Industry in India

IT industry in India
IT industry in India

India is one of the leading players in the IT and software industry in the world. There are massive opportunities in this sector in the upcoming years. The whole world understands the potential of this industry so they are pouring more and more through FDI in India in this sector. The computer and software sector in India received $ 7.67 billion FDI in the tenure 2019-20. The service sector which has a big contribution of IT services in it attracted $ 7.85 billion FDI in this tenure. In India, the IT and software industry was estimated to be worth $ 191 billion in the year 2019.

This industry is growing at a rate of around 7.7% per year. And by the year 2025, it is estimated to reach $ 350 billion. But let me tell you one thing that this industry is also the most dynamic industry. The new technologies are coming continuously in this field, so the companies also require expert people to deal with those technologies. And here you can make your entry into this flourishing industry.

You just have to add some futuristic and trending skills in your portfolio and you are all set to go. Because this time the companies are focusing more on future technologies like AI ( Artificial Intelligence), BlockChain, Clouding Computing, Machine learning, etc. All these technologies are trending these days and they are going to change this industry in the upcoming years. But the problem is that there are very few numbers of skilled people who can fulfill the demand of the industry. Therefore there is a big opportunity for you to acquire some of these skills and start your journey.

5 Best Computer Courses

So finally, here is the list of best computer courses that you can do. Read all the details very carefully to get a better idea about the courses.

1. Software Development

If you are searching for computer courses then you must be familiar with computers. And on the computer, you must have used various software like Adobe Photoshop, Antivirus software, Microsoft Office, and many others. So these softwares are developed by software developers. This field is a highly employable field if you have good skills and knowledge. There are many opportunities that you can explore after doing a software development course. After doing a software development course there are many opportunities in the private and public sectors.

In this course, you get to study different programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, etc. These programming languages are used to develop mobile applications, software, websites, etc. If you have a good creative mind and you are able to think out of the box to solve problems then this can be a perfect course for you. During your course, you should develop skills like debugging, team working to become the best among your competitors. It is seen in the past years that employers prefer candidates who have practical knowledge. So try to gain as much practical knowledge as you can. Also, try to stay updated with the latest technologies in your field.


There are many courses available for people who want to become a software developer. These courses include both diploma and degree level courses.

  1. Diploma in Software Engineering
  2. B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology)in Computer Science
  3. B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) in Information Technology
  4. BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application)
  5. B.Sc (Bachelor of Science) in Computer Science


The average salary which is offered to the fresher after doing these courses is 3.5-4 lakh rupees. The salary might also depend on your skills and reputation of college from where you pursue your degree or diploma.

2. Big Data Analytics

Big Data Analytics is also one of the best computer courses that you can do. This field is not explored by the students like any other courses such as computer science engineering and IOT (Internet Of Things). But this filed has a lot of potential and good opportunities for a skilled person. In this course, you get to study things like data mining, data warehousing, data visualization, and many more. This course focus to impart you the knowledge regarding different expects of data analytics and how to manage big data so that it can be further used for visualization.

Big Data Analysis is also used to understand market patterns, trends, and consumer behavior. Therefore Big Data Analytics has become very important part of big and medium organizations which has lots and lots of data.

Today there are many courses available for big data analytics. Most of these courses are certificates from various organizations. Apart from that, there are several online courses also available on various platforms. These platforms also provide you the certificate after completion of the course. But we will suggest that you should pursue a certificate of big data analytics after completing your UG degree in CSE or any other computer course. Because it is a kind of extra skill that you can possess.


We are mentioning few Courses that provide you certificates in big data analytics.

  1. B.Tech in Big Data Analytics
  2. Mining Massive Data Sets Graduate Certificate
  3. SAS Certified Data Scientist
  4. Hortonworks Hadoop Certification
  5. Microsoft’s MCSE: Data Management and Analytics


If you are fresher then you can get an average salary of 6-7 Lakh per annum.

3. Cybersecurity

The world is going digital these days. In this era of technology, most of the works are done online. From money transactions to making a digital profile with your personal data, everything is done online via internet. But with this extensive use of technology and internet, there are many challenges that the world is facing and one of them is cybersecurity. Today the cybersecurity is a big threat to the online world. The attackers attack the devices and computers to steal the important and private information of people. This private information can be personal photos and even the bank details of a person. And they use this information to further scam people and do frauds with them.

Here it becomes very important to have cybersecurity experts who can protect organizations and people from these digital thieves. There are very good opportunities in this field because most of the organizations want to hire cybersecurity experts. You can pursue a degree or a certificate in cybersecurity to develop your skills in this field and then apply for jobs. Although in this field your skills matter the most, not your degrees and certificates.


There are various courses and certificates available in this field. Many people pursue a B.Tech degree in computer science with cybersecurity specializations. So I am giving you a list of all the specializations in this filed. You can choose any of them according to your interest.

  • Computer Science with Networking and Cyber Security
  • IT Management & Cyber Security
  • Computer Science with Cyber Expert Investigator
  • Information Security with IBM
  • Computer Science with Cyber Security & Forensics
  • Computer Science with Cyber Security & Quick Heal


As a fresher in this field with good skills, you can get an average salary of 4-5 Lakh rupees per annum.

4. VFX and Animation

We used to watch cartoons and animation shows like Kung Fu Panda, Shin-chan, and many others in our childhood. All these cartoons were designed and created using animation. The animation and VFX is a flourishing field in the world. With the increase in the adaption of technology in movies and digital content, the VFX industry is also rising. India is becoming a big player in the VFX and animation outsourcing for the world. Many big companies like Disney are outsourcing their work from countries like India.

So if you are also interested in creating VFX and animation then this the best time to join this field. You should have a creative mind with a good imagination power to give your best in the field. You can either do a degree course or diploma course to start your career in this industry. There are many online and offline institute which also provide you training in VFX animation.


  • B.Sc. in Animation & Multimedia
  • BA in Animation & Multimedia
  • BA in Animation and CG Arts
  • B.Sc. in Animation and VFX
  • Diploma in VFX


As a fresher, you can get an average salary of 1-2 Lakh rupees per annum.

5. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology courses can be said as one of the best computer courses. Because blockchain technology is going to bring revolution in many industries in the world. This technology can be applied in different industries to make their performance and security better. In the blockchain technology course, you get to study topics like cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency regulations, blockchain applications, etc. Many people think that blockchain technology just revolves around cryptocurrency but it is not true.

Blockchain technology is used in various banking systems to make their payment gateways safer for transactions. This technology is also used in the fintech sector, energy sector, real estate sector, etc. And let me tell you that this technology is in a very initial stage and it will grow further in the upcoming years by creating new opportunities for students like you. So if you also have an interest in this field then you should join any blockchain technology course.


When it comes to courses then there are many online and offline training institutes that offer blockchain training. But if you want to do a degree in blockchain then you should do B.Tech. is CSE with Blockchain specialization from a good university.


As a fresher, you can expect a salary of about 4-5 Lakh per annum as a blockchain developer.


So guys these are some of the best computer courses that you can pursue to get your dream profession. Always choose a course according to your interest and never look at the payout initially. Because if you focus on payout then it will be difficult for you to sustain it that particular field. But on the other hand, if it is your passion then you can do that work for as long as you want.

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