7+ Best Highest Paying Jobs in India
Highest Paying Jobs in India

7+ Best Highest Paying Jobs in India

In our lives, a time comes when we have to sit down and think about our career seriously. This brainstorming regarding career includes various things like what we are going to survive in this world, what should be the best profession to choose for ourselves etc. And when it comes to choosing a profession then every student has a question in mind regarding the pay scale of it. Because at the end of the day nobody wants to invest their time in such a thing that doesn’t even pay sufficient. We live in a world where money is very important. Like if you have decent money then you can maintain a good social and financial status. With money, you can enjoy whatever you want. A good payout from your job and profession gives a sense of financial security for you and your family.

Therefore, if you are also going to that same stage of searching the highest paying jobs in India then you are in the right place. In this article, we are going to discuss some job profiles that are the most lucrative ones in India. And if you invest your time and efforts in them then you won’t regret it at all. But always remember that income is just one of those many things that you should consider before choosing a profession.

Highest Paying Jobs in India

So below is the list of some of the highest paying jobs in India. In this list, there are many traditional job profiles that not very to us. But with this rapidly changing world, many opportunities are surfacing. These opportunities are creating some new job profiles with a good potential of earning as well. Therefore we have also tried to cover some trending and futuristic job profiles.

1. Medical Professionals

No matter how much the world has changed in past and how much it will change in the future, the need of good medical professionals will always be there. And with the increasing living standard of the people in India, they are able to afford good services. So if you manage to get build a good portfolio and a good client base then you can make a decent amount of money over the years in this profession.

You see that India is a very populus country where there are so many health problems (mostly in the urban areas). Therefore a good doctor never runs out of patients here. Many medical professionals with good experience and skills easily make 5-6 Lakh rupees per month. According to many surveys in India, there are only 1-2 doctors per thousand patients here. So there is a lot of vacant space in this industry that good professionals can occupy.

But remember that this field is not just about towing tones of money from patients but it is also about saving lives. So if you are just thinking about money then you can consider some other profession, because this is not your peace of pie.

Talking about the courses, then there are various undergraduate courses available in this field for example MBBS. But these days you can’t expect a good career as a medical professional with just an MBBS UG degree. You should go for a specialization postgraduate course after completing your UG degree. Specialist in fields like gynecology, cardiology, dermatology is always high in demand. So you can consider doing these specializations after completing your MBBS degree.

In this medical field, you can’t expect a very high-paying job as a fresher without any experience. But as you improve your skills and experience you can charge more for your services. Medical professionals can work in either government hospitals or private hospitals. Most of the good doctors have their own clinics and that is what makes them a good sum of money as well.

2. IT Professionals, Engineers

The IT profession and other engineering jobs are also some of the highest paying jobs in India. but talking about the opportunities then you have to do a lot of hard work to get them. Because today the competition is very high in almost all the good engineering branches.

Other than the branch you also have to choose a good institute. The students doing their graduations from institutes like IITs and NITs have higher chances of getting good placements with high salary packages. Talking about placements then branches like IT confines you do private sector (mostly), because still there are not enough good opportunities with this branch in the government sector. Whereas core engineering branches like civil, electrical, mechanical, etc. offer good opportunities in both public and private sectors.

If you really want to explore the real earning potential of earning, then in this time choosing the IT field might be the best option for you. Because as you know the whole world is going digital today. We are shifting from reality to virtual reality. The IT industry is already a multi-billion dollar industry. So why not you try to take a small slice of it.

Therefore if you think that you love technology and can do something in this field then you can become an IT professional. In this field, initially, your degree might help you to get a good starting package. So try to do your degree from a good IIT or NIT or any other good college. Then try to focus on adding more and more skills to your portfolio to charge more for your work.

3. Chartered Accountant

If you want to lift hefty amount of money then you can also choose to become a chartered accountant or popularly known as CA in India. Like many other good professions, it is not easy to become a certified CA in India. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to get certified as a CA.

A CA manages all the finance related works in a business and this profession is a very important part of businesses. With the increasing trend of filing tax returns (all thanks to the next GST system), there is a huge demand for CA professionals in the market. Many small and medium-sized businesses are showing interest in hiring CAs to manage their taxation related works. And if we take big corporate houses then they recruit in-house CAs because they got a lot of things to look after.

Talking about the salary then in the initial years of your career you might get 6-7 Lakh rupees per annum. But as you gain more experience and expertise you can easily make 12-15 Lakh rupees in this field.

4. Merchant Navy

People who want to travel the world while working then merchant navy jobs can be a good option to go with. Apart from traveling this job profile also pay a good amount of money to the recruits. However, don’t get misguided by the word “Navy” here because it has nothing to do with the defense.

Merchant Navy is just a commercial branch in the cargo shipping industry. There are various job profiles in the merchant navy field. All these job profiles look after various operations on the commercial ship when it is the water. But this field is not for every and especially when you are not emotionally and physically strong. Because in this job profile people has to be on board for months. Many times this onboard time can be of 4-6 months as well.

So you have to maintain the highest level of physical and mental fitness here. But if you can do this then it can be an awarding job for you. You get a good salary package with which you can enjoy anything you want in your life.

5. Investment Banker

There is no doubt that investment bankers earn loads of money. People who are already in this field know its potential and possibilities of growth for a fresher here. An investment banker advises his/her clients and companies on investment-related matters so that they can make the most out of it. In simple words, investment bankers tell their clients how to invest money to get good returns.

In this job profile, you work mostly revolves around presentation and communication because that is how you convince people. So you should have a good command on those skills of yours. To expect a good career in this field you must complete your graduation from a good institute like IIM. In order to become an investment banker, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in Finance/Economics/Mathematics/Business Administration. After that you can go for any specialization master’s degree.

In this job profile, if you have your degree from a reputed institute then you can make 10-12 lakh rupees on a starting basis. And as your expertise and client base grow then you can charge more for your services.

6. Cricketers

You might find many articles on the internet that talking about medical, engineering, and other professions. But there are very few articles that tell you about the cricketing career and I honestly don’t know why. I think most of the people have knowledge about this field but they never actually discuss it’s potential. Most people think that it is a very competitive field and very few get success in it which is true as well. But just think for a moment and ask yourself what is easy in this world? Everything is difficult and takes hard work to give results.

The same goes for cricket, if a person is a good player then he/she can definitely try it out. Although to expect success in this field people have to start playing club cricket from a very early age of like 10-11 years of age. It is not a career that people can pursue after completing their 12th standard.

Now if you talk about a career in cricket then the ultimate goal of every cricketer is to play for India. But to get to the Indian cricket team a player has to first play on the city level then on district and state level to improve his/her skills and gain some attention in the eyes of selectors. Therefore the players have to early in this field. And if a player manages to make a place in the Indian cricket team then he/she has can earn pretty decent money. Many “A” list players of BCCI gets nearly 6 Lakh rupees per ODI match.

7. Aviation JobsĀ 

The aviation industry can also pay a good amount of money to talented people. In aviation, the most desired job might be of a commercial pilot. Pilots can earn a decent amount of money while flying an aircraft. The job of a lot or any other crew members on board is desired by many students these days.

But at the same time, not everybody can become a commercial pilot as requires you to invest a lot in it. The process of becoming a commercial pilot can cost you somewhere between 10-60 Lakh Indian Rupees. If you can pay that much amount of money then this can be a rewarding profession for you.

When it comes to salary then in India a pilot can make somewhere between 1-2 Lakh Rupees per month initially in his career. But when a pilot gets s promoted to the post of a captain then he/she can easily make way more than the previous salary.

8. Educators

In our country that not many people think about becoming an educator. People think that it is not a rewarding job and there is no profit in teaching students in the class. And if you also think that educators can’t earn money then boy you need to wake up. Okay let me give you some stats, a few years ago the education industry was of around $ 100 billion, and by this year 2020, it is expected to grow to $ 180 billion. Do you still think that it is profitable to teach?

If we talk about the opportunities then there are lots of opportunities in the teaching sector. First of all, if you want to do a government job then various universities release time to time vacancies for it. You can apply for it and if you get selected then you can make a decent amount of money. But I don’t want you to focus there rather than that you should step into the private education sector, especially into the online education sector. Because this sector posted to become an INR 360 billion industry by the year 2024.

It is one of the fastest-growing sectors in India and there are many companies such as Unacademy and Byju’s who are paying a good salary to their top educators. On Unacademy their top educators easily make 50 Lakh rupees per annum by teaching the students online. to become a successful online educator you have to be an expert in your subject and should have a unique teaching style as well.


So these were some of the highest paying jobs in India. You can choose any one of them to make your career in as they all pay you a good amount of money. Apart from that, there will be a suggestion from our side that never choose any profession by just looking at the payout. Unless your job gives you a sense of satisfaction or unless you like what you are doing then there is no point in doing it. Always try to choose a profession according to your interest only.

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