7+ Best Aviation Courses in India to Choose as a Career

When you think of making your career or taking it to new heights then there are many options available today. You can join various courses and diploma programs to get your favorite job. But many people are often confused to choose their field and career. There are many questions in their mind while making their plans to choose their job profile. And the people who are a little smart do some research. They find that there are few options that have a lot of potentials and the aviation industry in one of them. Because it is one of the most fastest-growing industries in the world and in India too. As the industry is growing the airlines and airport management authorities need more people. They want to hire well trained and skilled people to manage their operations.

Many people these days want to do aviation courses to get a good job in this industry. When people think about aviation courses then the first thing that comes to their mind is a commercial pilot. Yes becoming a commercial pilot can be a good way to enter this field. But trust me apart from a commercial pilot there are various other options open for you in this field. You can fulfill all your dreams with these jobs as well. So today in this article we are going to talk about some of the best aviation courses in India that you can do. These courses include both diploma and degree level courses so you can choose according to your need. But before talking about the courses lets have a look at the aviation industry in India.

Scope of Aviation in India

aviation in india
aviation in india

As I said at the starting of the article that aviation is one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Today more people are using flights to travel from one place to another than ever before. The domestic aviation market is also flourishing in India. Therefore there is a demand for highly skilled people in this industry. There are many vacancies in this industry in various profiles. According to many reports, India is now the third-largest domestic aviation market in the world. It is also the fastest-growing domestic market in the world. Foreign traffic is also increasing rapidly on Indian airports. According to many government agencies, there is a requirement of 250 brownfield and green-field airports by 2020.

Many new airports are also projected for construction in India. The government is also allowing 100% FDI in many sectors in the aviation industry for its rapid growth. There is a $120 bn investment to develop the airport infrastructure in the country. Not only the passengers are growing in the aviation industry but the amount of cargo traffic is also growing. This increased cargo traffic also creates many opportunities for people in cargo handling. And when the aircrafts are doing so many operations then they will also require maintenance.

Therefore the demand for technicians also increases. Due to this overall increasing demand in the aviation industry, it becomes a very good field to make your career. So now let’s have a look at the courses that you can pursue in aviation. These courses are for everyone as some of them are diploma whereas some are UG and PG courses. Make sure you read all the details related to the courses to make a better choice for yourself.

Best Aviation Courses in India

best aviation courses in india
best aviation courses in india

Now we are going to have a look at some of the best Aviation courses in India. I am going to give all the information related to the course that you need. First, we will have an overview of the course then we will talk about the fees that you will have to pay for it. And in the last, we will see which institution in India is best for that particular course. So read all the details very carefully and if you like any of these courses you can do further research on it.

1. Commercial Pilot License

If you want to make your career in Aviation then getting a commercial Pilot License can be the best option. This course is considered to be one of the best aviation courses and one of the hardest as well. I am saying it as one of the hardest because getting a commercial pilot license is not that easy. Getting a commercial pilot license is a gradual step-wise process. The student who wants to get their commercial pilot license first have to get their Student Pilot License. Getting a Student Pilot License (SPL) is not a big deal and real work starts after the SPL only.

After SPL you will have to get your Private Pilot License (PPL). And after getting PPL then you have to clear your tests for the Commercial Pilot License. Only after following this whole process, you are eligible to fly as a co-pilot. After becoming co-pilot the next thing you want to achieve will be the captain’s post. For becoming a captain you will need your Airline Transport Pilot’s License.

Eligibility Criteria

I told you that getting a commercial pilot license is a gradual process. First, you have to get your student pilot license. For that, you should have passed your X class and you should be at least 16 years old. You should also be having a bank guarantee of Rs. 10,000. Then you will have to give an oral test and pilot aptitude test. After these steps, you are all set to choose the college that you prefer.

If you directly want to get your Private Pilot License then you have to be at least 17 years old. You should have cleared your 10+2 with studying physics and maths in it. You should also pass a medical fitness test from the Air Force Central Medical Establishment (AFCME) or Institute of Aviation Medicine (IAM). To get a commercial pilot license you will need at least a 3 years of experience with your Private Pilot License.

Fees & Best Institutions 

There are different institutions that provide you Commerical Pilot License. And these institution charges different fees for it. But if we take an average then you will have to spend a total of somewhere between 10L-60L rupees to get your license. Now when we talk about the best institution then there is no doubt that the Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Uran Academy, Rae Bareilly is the best pilot training institute in India. This institute charges about 50L rupees for the whole course.


BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) in Aviation can also be a good course to get into the aviation line. This course is a 3 years long undergraduate course. By doing aviation courses like BBA (Aviation) you can explore various opportunities in the aviation field. A wide no. of career options are open for you after you complete this course with full dedication and good academic record. Not only the aviation line you can also get into the sales and marketing line after this course. But if you consider the aviation line only then after this course you are eligible for the post of Airport Operations Manager, Aviation Industry Manager, etc.

And as you all know that these are some of the best job profiles in the aviation industry that everybody wants. BBA (Aviation) is also not a very tough course to join but yes you have to give your 100% to the course if you want success. You should participate in all the activities very actively and should try to get more practical experiences. If you have all the boxes check then you can easily get a package of 4L-6L per annum. And this payout will increase with time as you will become more experienced in the field.

Eligibility Criteria

To become eligible for this course you have to pass your higher secondary exam with minimum 50% marks. Many institutions will give you admission on the basis of these marks but many conduct their own entrance exams as well.

Fees & Best Institution

Different types of institutes charge different fees depending upon their reputation. But if we take an estimate then you will have to pay around Rs. 70,000 Р9,00,000 for the full course. And I think this fee is just like any other BBA course fee. University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun can be the best option in the country to pursue BBA (Aviation).

3. Diploma in Aviation Hospitality

This course is a diploma level course in aviation hospitality. Diploma in Aviation Hospitality is a 1-year long diploma level course. This is one of the best diplomae in all the aviation courses. After doing this 1-year diploma people are eligible for various jobs. There are many jobs and posts that you can get after doing this course. Since it is related to hospitality then people are getting jobs after this course in various industries other than aviation. This diploma makes your eligible for the post in fields like  Cabin Crew, Product Manager, Chief Technology Officer, etc. If you can combine this diploma with some other skills like management and some technical skills then your chances of being hired increase exponentially.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria for this diploma is that you should pass your 10+2 exam with a minimum of 60% marks. There are many institutions that organize their own entrance exams and some directly give admission on the basis of performance in 10+2.

Fees & Best Institution

The average fee for this course is between 10,000 to 3 lakhs rupees depending upon the institution. By doing this diploma you can get a job somewhere between 70,000 to 3,00,o00 rupees in the starting. But you should have to improve your skills to get a better package with time. For this diploma course, Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training can be a good option.

4. B.Sc in Aircraft Maintenance

B. Sc. in Aircraft Maintainance can also be a good option to choose from the aviation courses. This 3-year degree course is often ignored by students because they don’t have proper knowledge about its potential. There is also a huge no. of people who don’t know such a course even exist. But trust me if you like to study aerodynamics and mechanical things then this course can be the best option for you. In this course, you get to study electronics, the theory of aerodynamics, fluid dynamics, and much more. Studying all these things will make you a master of aircraft. As more aircraft are operating these days the companies also want skilled people to maintain them. Here you can grab this opportunity and can get a good job in aircraft maintenance firms.

Eligibility Criteria

If you have completed your 10+2 in science stream with minimum 60% marks then you are eligible for this course. In your 10+2 you must be having maths, physics, and chemistry as your subjects. Many institutions give admission on the basis of entrance exams and many give it on the basis of performance in 10+2.

Fees & Best Institution

Fees in this course range between 15000-25000 rupees per semester. These fees may vary from institution to institution. And keep in mind that if you take a hostel then for that you will have to pay an extra amount. Nehru College of Aeronautics and Applied Science, Coimbatore can be a good option for this course.

5. Diploma in Cabin Crew & Hospitality Management

After the commercial pilot course, most people like to do the cabin crew course. These days there are many people who want to become cabin crew and give their services. The reason behind this interest is that the life of a cabin crew can be ideal for many. They get to visit new places and meet new people while doing their job. The salary packages are also very good in this field therefore many people are opting for this course. Diploma in Cabin Crew & Hospitality Management is a 6 months long diploma course. Many institutions extend this course to 1 year by adding a period of internship to it. By doing this course you can get a job in various industries like education, hospitality and much more. In this course, you get to study different aspects of flight operation and services. If you are also passionate about travel while serving your customers then this course is best for.

Eligibility Criteria

If talking about the education then you should have completed your 10+2 with any stream. The main factor that plays is your personality. many institutions want a minimum height of 170 Cm for males & 158 cm for females. You should be physically fit and should have good command on English, Hindi and other regional languages.

Fees & Best Institution

There are many institutes that offer this diploma course in India. The average fee for this course is between 50,000-1,00,000 rupees. For this type of diploma courses, Frankfinn Institute of Air Hostess Training can be a good option.

6. Diploma in Air Cargo Management

If you want to make a career in the aviation industry then Diploma in Air Cargo Management can be a good option for you. As air traffic is increasing and more people are traveling so air cargo is also increasing. Some decades ago there were only a few things like mails that were transported through cargo. But now from cars to animals and from valuable things to human remains, many things are transported through the air cargo. Now to manage these operations companies need cargo managers. So that they can send their shipments without any headache. This course is one of the best aviation courses because cargo management is in demand these days. This course is a 1 year-long diploma course.

Eligibility Criteria

The students have to complete their 10+2 in any stream. They should also be having a good understanding of English and world geography.

Fees & Best Institution

Fees for this course is somewhere between 20,000 – 2,00,000 rupees for the full course. GMR Aviation Academy can be a good institute for this course. They charge around 1,50,000 for this course.


BBA (Airport Management) is a three-year undergraduate course in the aviation field. This course is good for those who want to make their career in the management field. With the increasing operations at the airport, companies require skilled people to manage staff and resources. By doing this UG degree you become eligible to get placed in fields like Air Traffic and Control, cargo department, and many others at the airport. The main aim of this course is to develop a person who can coordinate between different sections of the airport. There is more practical training in this course than the theoretical.

Eligibility Criteria

Since it is a UG degree so you just have to do your 10+2 from any board and stream. Many institutions give direct admission in this course and many take their own entrance exam. So you should check what procedure is followed at your favorite college.

Fees & Best Institution

If you take admission in this course then any college will charge you between 70,000 – 4,00,000 rupees for the course. And after doing this course the average package is between 3L-10L per annum. Therefore it is kept on this list of best aviation courses. Institute of Logistics and Aviation Management, Bangalore can be a good option to pursue this course.

8. Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering

If you like technical things and want to make a career in aviation then Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering course is for you. Out of all the above-listed aviation courses this course is best for the people who like aerodynamics and other technical stuff. After completing this course from a good institute you can get a job as an aeronautical engineer, flight engineer, etc. If you want to enter into aviation by doing a degree then you must consider this course. If you are a good employable person then you can get a good payout from this job profile. Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering is four years long engineering course which is not for everyone. Because this course requires people who are good with their studies in the science stream. The average salary for an Aeronautical Engineer in India is about 5-6L per annum in starting.

Eligibility Criteria

To get into this course you have to score a minimum of 75% marks in 10+2. After that, you have to give JEE and secure good marks in it to get a good college to start your studies. Because this is an engineering course then scoring good marks in JEE becomes important. Most of the college give admission on the basis of JEE only.

Fees & Best Institution

The course fee stands between 80,000-14L rupees depending upon your college. And if we are talking about engineering courses then who can beat IITs in India? According to my research IIT, Madras can be the best option for this course. Getting into such a prestigious college is not an easy task. Therefore I said this course is not for everyone.


These are some of the best aviation courses in India. Although all the courses are good but choose wisely what is the best fit for you. If you like any of these courses then you should do further research on them to choose the best one.